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Contoh Cerita Bahasa Inggris : Cinderella

         One day the local king made a big party for his young son. The party was to continue a few days. The king told his son to choose a few at the party. All the most beautiful girls in the neighborhood were invited. Cinderella’s even step mother and her daughter were very excited about the party. They prepared their most beautiful dresses for it. Cinderella wanted to come too, so. She had to stay home. But after Cinderella’s father and his wife with  her daughters left for Cinderella because she knew that the girl was so nice and loving, and worked so hard and nobody aver said thank you to her. And the fairy decided to helped the girl. She took a water melon from the garden and touched in with her magic stick, and the water melon became a wonderful golden carriage. Then she took six mice, and the turned into white horses. And at last, the fairy touched Cinderella’s poor dress and it became very beautiful and rich. The girl was always very pretty, and in that dress she looked a real beauty. The fairy told the girl that she could go to the party now, but she had to go back before midnight.

         The next night was again the same. But Cinderella fell in love with the prince too, and she didn’t notice when it was already midnight. But at the last moment she understood that she was late, she ran home. She ran so fast that she last one for her beautiful crystal shoes. At midnight sharp, her dress became poor and dirty again. The carriage turned into the water melon, and the horses turned into mice. The price tried to follow her, but she disappeared. He only found her shoe. He waited and waited for many days, but she never came again. The prince got sick, so unhappy he was. The king issued an order. “ The girl who can put on lost shoe, will marry my son “. The king’s guards went to all the houses with the shoe, and all the girl tried to put it on. But the shoe was too small and did not fit anybody.

The End

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