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Kucing Siberian

Kucing Siberian

The majestic Siberian domestic house cat is a strong, powerfully built cat with strong hindquarters helping them jump exceptionally high. Siberian cats are a slow-maturing breed of domestic house cat, reaching full magnificence at about 5 years of age. Siberians are large cats with a substantial rounded body reminiscent of a barrel and heavily boned legs to support the substantial body structure. Their paws would do a heavyweight boxer proud! But for all their powerful strength, Siberians are gentle cats that enjoy playing and clowning around with their families. Siberian cats have existed for a long time. The earliest know reference is from 1000 A.D. In the 1870s they appeared in the first cat show and we also find a reference to Siberian cats at the 1884 show in Madison Square Gardens.

Siberians use their incredible intelligence to solve all kinds of problems, such as determining to how to open a door to be with the owners they adore, how to get to the cat food for an extra meal, or how to recover the favorite toy their owner thinks they have so cleverly hidden out of reach! Siberians are powerful agile cats that can leap great distances and heights, sometimes appearing to fly through the air, but despite their size, these domestic housecats are adept at negotiating obstacles in their path without knocking them over. At the same time, they love to play and will entertain you with their clown-like antics. Siberian cats adore their human families and their visitors-with children holding a warm spot in their hearts. This cat breed has a wonderful depth to their purr and will talk to you with a chirping sound, particularly when they are coming to greet you when you have been out.

The Siberian, considered a semi longhair cat, has a rich full coat in the winter while the summer allows for a somewhat shorter less dense coat. The Siberian can come in just about every color of the rainbow but because of the rarity of the breed those colors may not be available in your neighborhood. The Siberian cat was first imported in 1990. Despite it's popularity the Siberian is extremely rare in the United States. Most Siberian cat breeders have waiting lists for their kittens. 

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