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holiday to nusa penida beach

holiday to nusa penida beach

one day, I and my friend leave to nusa dua beach.
we agree to leave in end semester.
The trip from my house to beach about 2 hour.
Road in region of beach,I see a flower garden. the garden is very clean and baeautiful.
It circumference road to go this beach

In beach contain hotel that beside with nusa dua beach,
 until many tourist stay in hotel and enjoyed the nusa dua beach.
I got beach, we go direct to coastal area.
penoramic in here is very beautiful and
I be carried away the blue sea, sand that white, and contain coral in coastal area of the sea.

In holiday many people visit to this beach. Tourist want calm and quiet in nusa dua.
I attracted to leave in beach, because beach are chilly and the scenery is very beautiful.
I like go to beach. I and my friend like play sand, play wave and snapshot with friend.

the tour make me tired. finished i buy food and drink in small shop.
and i continue tour to circumference this beach.
not fell, day to early evening. it is time go home.
sensation of beach very hard to forget

this holiday is very impression for me.
i can be deleted load of the mind, and i can had very happy form this holiday.
the only way holiday to nusa dua beach

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